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The hardest part is done for you

We know how hard it is to find the perfect fit for your dachshund, so we created these patterns just for those long bodies. Now, all you need is to go and make some cute outfits xx

What people are saying

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The bandana pattern is great for my 3 dachshunds and their previous bodies. The seller has great customer service and I really appreciate. Highly recommend!

— Cynthia M

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Such a cute design and the sizing is legitimately perfect!! I've made it for a couple dogs and it fits like an absolute glove. I had to make the backs of mine slighly shorter because the dachys I know have shorter backs but it's such an easy fix, and it's better to have longer rather than shorter anyway.

— Jodie

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Exactly what I needed for my trip away. It definitely helped my friend feel less anxious knowing all the info she needed was on one page!

— Rachel Z.

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